At Sunrise Vista, our admissions department is available 24/7/365 to get you or your loved one into treatment as seamlessly as possible. Our admissions process is comfortable, private, and friendly.

women at a rehab admissions programYou and your family will get specific information prior to your arrival about what you can expect while you are here. After our team gathers your insurance information, we will walk you through the payment options before admission. In order to provide the comprehensive care you need, once you’re admitted, a team member will do a full physical exam. In order to offer the best comprehensive care, we want to have a deep understanding of your health problems, allergies, and dietary concerns.  This will allow us to immediately begin tailoring your treatment plan.

Early Assessment and Information

During our intake process, we ask that you share any information that you think might be relevant to your treatment. Personalizing your treatment plan starts with understanding your medical history in order for our team to immediately begin personalizing your treatment plan.  Sunrise Vista offers the region’s best mental health treatment options.

Same-Day Walk-In Mental Health Screenings and Assessments Now Available

Sunrise Vista now offers same day, in-person screening for mental health concerns. Individuals seeking help for a mental health concern may walk in anytime, seven days a week including holidays (24/7/365), without an appointment, and speak with a mental health professional face-to-face.

If the individual appears to qualify for Sunrise Vista services, they may be able to receive a more in-depth assessment for services that same day. Each assessment clinician is trained to assess for mental health and co-occurring disorders.

Admissions Requirements

When patients are admitted to Sunrise Vista, we will complete a physical health assessment. One of our intake clinicians or nurses will walk you through our admissions process. We request that you bring 5 days of any medication that you take.

Any patient who displays the following conditions (at any level) cannot be admitted to Sunrise Vista for any level of care. If a patient at Sunrise Vista begins to exhibit the conditions below, s/he shall be promptly transferred to an appropriate outside facility.

  • Non-ambulatory
  • Are not able to perform activities of daily living
  • The patient develops an acute illness or condition and requires a higher level of care

Visitation Information

During the present Covid-19 Pandemic, there is no patient visitation permitted.

You will have to provide your loved ones with your four (4) digit code to allow them to call or visit you in the hospital.  Visitation is restricted to two (2) visitors at a time and will be required to sign a Visitors Safety Agreement. This agreement can be obtained in the reception area and you will need to provide a valid photo ID and be 18 years of age or older.

Making Phone Call Guidelines

Patients who choose to call loved ones have the ability to do so by signing up on a call sheet that is kept at the nurse’s station.  Phone calls are not permitted after 8pm.

Prohibited Items

Examples of items which are not permitted or require supervision of use are:

  • Knives or guns
  • Any protection device such as mace or pepper spray.
  • Cell phones, iPads/tablets/e-readers (i.e. Amazon Fire or Kindle).
  • Any recording device
  • Cameras
  • Personal care items that contain alcohol
  • Anything that is flammable, including cigarette lighters and many toiletries
  • Glass objects, containers or mirrors, including cosmetics
  • Matches
  • Lighters
  • Food or drink items
  • Sharp metal or plastic items
  • Purses/wallets
  • Aerosol containers
  • Keys
  • Floral arrangements (real or fake)


Patients are required to dress appropriately.  No headphones are to be used. No hats or sunglasses are to be worn.  Clothing is required to be clean without obscene words, gestures, pictures or having alcohol or drug-related content.  Provocative and distractive clothing is also prohibited.  Undergarments are also required.

Sunrise Vista is not responsible for lost or missing items that you retain in your possession.   We ask that you send all valuables home and limit the amount of money in your possession to less than $20.  Lastly, please limit the amount of jewelry you wear or valuables you choose to keep with you.

Canton, OH Treatment Program Admissions

Sunrise Vista is available to help you get started with your treatment plan. When you are ready to seek assistance, we are here for you. To find out more about our specialized addiction treatment programs in the Canton, OH area, contact or call us at 844-942-3007.