Many people struggle with mental health disorders, but personal responsibilities can make it difficult for people to seek treatment. At Sunrise Vista, we offer a comprehensive adult outpatient psychiatric program that can help you to gain stability and clarity. Our outpatient therapy is designed to allow you to receive the very best care while you are with us but then allows you to go home in the evenings. Contact Sunrise Vista by calling 844-942-3007 to learn more.

What Happens in an Adult Outpatient Psychiatric Program?

adults at an adult outpatient psychiatric programOur outpatient treatment center allows work with our team and individually with our therapists. At the end of the day, you’re able to go home to your family. Our adult outpatient psychiatric program may be available to you if you:

  • Have a safe place to live
  • Can come in four routine appointments numerous days a week
  • Want to be able to work or go to school
  • Need less intense mental health treatment
  • Need ongoing care for mental health disorders

In these situations, we encourage you to learn more about how our outpatient therapy may work with you. Remember that the type and level of care available depend greatly on the symptoms you have and your overall mental health. Some people may benefit instead from inpatient care or a partial hospitalization program that requires more intense therapy.

What Happens During Outpatient Treatment?

Once you connect with our team, we’ll provide an assessment and get insight into what your needs are. You’ll learn the range of care options available to you and work in both individual and group therapy sessions. Outpatient treatment is focused on providing you with real skills and tools to use to manage your mental health needs in a meaningful and effective manner.

Our outpatient therapy provides access to a wide range of treatment services and types of therapies. We may recommend care such as:

We also offer dual diagnosis therapy for those who may be battling addiction as well. We can help you through therapy with others going through the same types of challenges you are, as well as provide you with holistic therapy such as art and music. Many people who work within our treatment programs can heal their mind, body, and spirit.

Why Choose Sunrise Vista for Outpatient Therapy?

Our adult outpatient behavioral health treatment program offers a wide range of tools that can help patients see improvement in self-esteem, the ability to manage medications, and have healthy interpersonal relationships. We work with men and women battling schizophrenia, depression, mood disorders, and anxiety. We work with those who are unsure of what is wrong but know that they need help. 

Our welcoming location is designed to make sure you get the level and type of outpatient therapy you need with a convenient schedule and highly-qualified clinicians. 

Our adult outpatient psychiatric program allows you to go to therapy as often as necessary based on what your doctors and therapists recommend. We’re here to meet each one of your needs in a positive environment.

Turn to Sunrise Vista for the Mental Health Support You Need

Our adult outpatient psychiatric program in Canton, OH, is designed to provide you with the tools and resources you need to thrive. As outpatient therapy, you are able to go home at night, but you are still receiving a high level of care during your outpatient treatment with us. At Sunrise Vista, we want to encourage you to explore how well this type of therapy can help you. Call 844-942-3007 to speak to our team or connect with us online.