When a child needs psychiatric assistance, parents can feel trapped and vulnerable. You may want to consider our adolescent outpatient psychiatric program if your son or daughter is struggling with mental health disorders such as depression, anxiety, or schizophrenia. Our adolescent treatment is also available if you’re unsure what type of therapy for kids is right for them. You’ll find children’s therapy like this can provide a new opportunity for your loved one. At Sunrise Vista, we’re close to home to provide it.

What Is an Adolescent Outpatient Psychiatric Program?

teens at an adolescent outpatient psychiatric program

Therapy for adolescents is often misunderstood or thought of as unnecessary. Most teenagers experience a bit of moodiness and depression, but an outpatient program might be necessary in severe cases. Our adolescent outpatient psychiatric program has the tools and resources to help you achieve those goals.

In this type of adolescent treatment program, your son or daughter comes in to meet with a counselor during the day. He or she is given access to a wide range of therapies carefully selected to help with their unique needs. They will spend several hours numerous times a week receiving this care. At the end of the day, they are able to go home to be with you.

How Can an Outpatient Program Be Helpful to an Adolescent?

There are many situations where you may need some support and guidance for your child’s mental health needs. Therapy for kids can be an excellent choice even if you are unsure what type of care they need or what may be wrong. We encourage you to learn more about the programs we offer, including:

These are just some of the types of care available to your son or daughter. We can work with them on a range of mental health disorders providing the highest level of help. Even if you are unsure what type of care is best for your child, let us help determine this and provide care that’s just right for their needs.

What Can Children’s Therapy Do for Your Child?

If your child is between the ages of 12 and 17, our adolescent outpatient psychiatric program may be available to them. This type of children’s therapy can provide a wide range of benefits, including:

  • Stabilization of mental health conditions
  • Medical detox as needed
  • Confidence-building resources
  • Management of health needs
  • Learning about mental health and managing symptoms
  • Improving the quality of life

You may know what your child needs, or you may be unsure if adolescent treatment is really capable of helping them to overcome the challenges they face. With the right treatment, adolescents suffering from mental health issues have a better chance of overcoming psychological concerns.

The Right Support Network Makes All The Difference

Our adolescent outpatient psychiatric program begins with assessments to determine the right type of therapy for your child. Then, we work with your child through individual and group therapy. This will teach your child, help them understand their mental health disorder, and provide them with the tools they need to live with. Medications and counseling work together to provide your child with the best tools available.

Our adolescent outpatient psychiatric program allows your child to spend time with us during the day while allowing them to go home at night.

Make Today the Day You Call Sunrise Vista for Help

Your life is challenging right now, but our adolescent treatment can make a big difference. At Sunrise Vista, we encourage you to learn more about our adolescent outpatient psychiatric program and all of our children’s therapy programs to find out how we can help you. Therapy for kids can give you the hope you need. To learn more, reach out to us online or call 844-942-3007 for help.