Sunrise Vista Health and Wellness is among the leading centers in Ohio for comprehensive mental health care for patients experiencing neuropsychiatric, behavioral, and psychological disorders. Sunrise Vista’s vision is to serve the mental health care needs of our Canton community. Patients and their families can expect excellence in research, education, and the delivery of compassionate, evidence-based treatment for and behavioral health concerns. If you or a loved one is experiencing psychological distress, contact Sunrise Vista by calling 844-942-3007 to learn about our remarkable services for adult, elderly, and adolescent patients.

Superior Patient Care at Sunrise Vista

person at an inpatient treatment centerPatients struggling with psychiatric illnesses and developmental disabilities will receive innovative treatment and compassionate care in our residential mental health treatment center. Team members include specialists in psychiatry, medicine, nursing, geriatrics, occupational therapy, recreational therapy, speech pathology, special education, and social work. For a person struggling with mental health concerns, an inpatient treatment center can offer relief through the following programs:

Inpatient Psychiatric Care 

Our adult inpatient treatment center accepts patients admitted under the care of a psychiatrist on either a voluntary or involuntary basis. The inpatient unit is divided into three programs: adult, senior, and adolescent. Our dedicated staff provides intensive nursing care and therapy. We provide care for patients in severely disorganized, unsafe, or agitated mental states in each of these programs.

Residential Inpatient Treatment Starts at Sunrise Vista

Sunrise Vista’s inpatient treatment center houses a comprehensive mental health treatment program serving patients with psychiatric disorders. Our programs include group therapy, individual therapy, family therapy, and educational activities to promote our patients’ mental health, well-being, and social skills. An inpatient treatment program can help Canton families heal and learn.

What is Partial Hospitalization?

Our adult partial hospitalization program at Sunrise Vista offers acute care services for adults experiencing acute psychological distress. We specialize in treating patients with severe mood disorders, dual diagnosis, obsessive-compulsive disorders, mood disorders, thought disorders, and unhealed trauma.

Inpatient Mental Health Programs for the Elderly

Geriatric psychiatry services at Sunrise Vista provide comprehensive care for adults aged 55 and older. Our geriatric services program’s common services include a psychological evaluation. We also offer a differential diagnosis of acute emotional and behavioral issues such as mood disorders, dementia psychosis, depression, and complex behavioral disturbances related to an underlying medical illness.

What Is an Intensive Outpatient Program?

Our intensive outpatient program (IOP) at Sunrise Vista Health and Wellness provides psychiatric services for patients with acute mental health concerns. Our active treatment program serves to help patients transition from inpatient hospitalization. Additionally, the intensive outpatient program at Sunrise Vista is a voluntary, group-based mental health program that supports individuals in their recovery. 

We strive to help patients achieve the highest level of functioning and independence in the community. Our treatment program is time-limited and offers intensive, coordinated, and structured clinical services in our safe, stable community of growth and healing. Mental illness can feel like a prison. However, Sunrise Vista offers patients the help they need.

Join Our Community of Healing at Sunrise Vista

If you have a loved one who is struggling with mental health or behavioral concerns, a residential treatment program can help people turn a corner in their recovery. Our staff truly cares about our patients, and we are committed to improving patients’ quality of life. To learn more about our innovative psychological and behavioral health programs, contact Sunrise Vista by calling 844-942-3007. When a loved one gets the inpatient mental health treatment they need, the entire family can heal. You don’t need to suffer in silence for one more day.