Older adults are the most rapidly growing segment of the United States population to nearly double to 95 million by 2060. Individuals 65-and-older will comprise 23% of the total population. Sunrise Vista is committed to improving these patients’ quality of life. We use a number of detection and investigation strategies to help our seniors maintain their memory. No matter what a person has gone through, your team is a kind, capable, and experienced group of professionals specializing in mental health treatment and substance abuse needs.

geriatric inpatient psychiatric program ohioWe offer a full continuum of care options to treat older patients with mental illness. Seniors showing a range of mental health disorders can benefit from our respectful, compassionate care. We specialize in treating mental health and dual diagnoses in older adults.

The number of seniors diagnosed with psychiatric conditions continues to increase. In order to meet the need in our community, Sunrise Vista has expanded our practice to include older adults struggling with severe psychiatric concerns. Seniors diagnosed with dementia often experience depression, anxiety, anger, and paranoia.


According to recent research, music, art, and reminiscence therapy are among the most effective mental health therapy techniques for patients with psychiatric concerns. Music therapy may involve singing songs that were popular when seniors were young. It could also involve something more interactive, like modified drumming, where seniors use foam drumsticks to tap the rhythm on exercise balls. Art therapy could involve painting birdhouses or coloring mandalas. Reminiscence therapy involves passing around an object that seniors might have seen in their childhood to facilitate discussion.

No matter what kind of therapy is being offered, the most vital component of an elder care psychiatric program is a kind, energetic, patient, clinically sound, efficient staff.


Our focus is on evaluating, diagnosing, and treating dual diagnosis treatment needs among elderly patients. Keeping families informed and updated is essential in providing a full continuum of care.

To protect our vulnerable elderly patients, we are committed to making sure they are treated for both physical and psychological issues. Patient comfort, safety, and happiness are among our top priorities at Sunrise Vista.  In later stages of life, seniors are often faced with a variety of challenges such as the loss of a spouse, friends, parents, or siblings. Changes in the body due to aging, loneliness, and loss of independence, which can lead to depression and anxiety often culminate in a mental health crisis that may require inpatient treatment.


At Sunrise Vista, we rely heavily on cognitive-behavioral therapy and problem behavioral therapy groups. These groups are proven to help people communicate, express themselves appropriately, and resolve conflicts. It is common for people suffering from mental illness to cut themselves off from others, resulting in loneliness and isolation. At Sunrise Vista, interpersonal process groups are group counseling teams that promote healing through group work involving psychodynamics and social skills. The group leader will note and process:

  • How each member is feeling and functioning in the group
  • How the members are interacting with each other
  • How the group is performing as a whole

With interpersonal group therapy, the content covered in each group session is secondary to the way the patient interacts with their peers within the group. Instead, the leader looks to see how the group members behave and interact in the present and how their past experiences influence their present state. We focus on emotional development and unresolved trauma that, when left unresolved, can lead to poor decision-making, impulsivity, and unhealthy coping skills. By resolving these issues, the person can improve their judgment.