Millions of people experience the frightening symptoms of bipolar disorder. For those who suffer from it, depressive and manic periods usually alternate until they choose to attend a bipolar disorder treatment program. Fortunately, Sunrise Vista offers a world-class bipolar disorder treatment in OH to ensure you or your loved one can get the support they need to make a lasting change.

What Is Bipolar Disorder?

Previously known as manic depressive disorder, this mental health condition causes abrupt mood and energy changes. It is not the same as the normal ups and downs other people feel since its symptoms are usually debilitating and can cause relationships to shatter. It can also make way for behavior such as:

  • Low school performance
  • Poor work performance
  • High-risk behavior
  • Suicide
  • Self-harm

Although recurrent manic and depressive episodes characterize bipolar disorder, some do not suffer a single manic episode at all. Instead, they have hypomanic episodes that go hand in hand with depression. This is also called Bipolar II.

Bipolar disorder can also manifest as alcohol or drug abuse. Many substance abuse problems are caused by an underlying bipolar disorder, and you may need the help of a dual diagnosis treatment program as part of the bipolar disorder treatment program.

About a Bipolar Disorder Treatment Program

woman at a bipolar disorder treatment programMost people with bipolar disorder prefer to attend an adult inpatient program or intensive outpatient rehab program, which gives them benefits that include:

  • Distance from triggers
  • Constant access to mental health doctors
  • Medication
  • Healthy coping skills
  • Stability 

At Sunrise Vista Health and Wellness, we take pride in practicing evidence-based alternative and traditional therapies to ensure that we treat the entire spectrum of bipolar disorders that prevent people from living their life fully.

But before you seek treatment, a mental health expert will need to assess your physical and mental health, and this involves:

  • Mood and behavior observation
  • Examining your medical and family history
  • Performing a physical exam
  • Doing laboratory tests

Many individuals who are suffering from bipolar disorder also turn to alcohol or drugs to self-medicate. Although these two may temporarily ease their illness, it will only make their problems worse. If you or a loved one is already taking medications for your disorder, alcohol and drugs can also interfere with your body’s ability to ease your symptoms. It may lead to health complications like organ failure and affect your reward center. This is detrimental since it can make your depressive and manic episodes more intense.

During your bipolar disorder treatment in OH, there will also be a need to assess whether or not you are suffering from dual diagnosis. This way, we can create a tailored plan specifically made to cater to all your needs and preferences.

The Importance of Counseling

Counseling is extremely important for people suffering from bipolar disorder. Our mental health treatment programs in OH include a one-on-one session with professionals who are trained in treating a variety of mental health disorders. This will give you a safe and supportive space where you can discuss previous trauma and emotional pain.

Our reliable staff members are also dedicated to helping you address all your underlying issues and help you identify thought patterns holding you back. During your sessions, you will be taught how to recognize the symptoms of an impending episode of depression or mania.

Sunrise Vista Health and Wellness Offers a Bipolar Disorder Treatment Program

At Sunrise Vista Health & Wellness, we can help you manage your bipolar disorder so you can finally live your life without looking back. We are determined in our goal to help you develop a healthy and sober lifestyle. This is possible through our bipolar disorder treatment program. Call Sunrise Vista Health & Wellness at 844-942-3007 to learn more about our treatment options.