Our Adult Inpatient Program

adult inpatient psychiatric programAt Sunrise Vista, our adult inpatient psychiatric program provides comprehensive, compassionate, research-centered care for patients (ages 18 and older) who need mental health treatment that may also include substance abuse treatment needs. Symptoms may include changes in sleeping and eating, suicidal ideations, feeling like harming yourself or someone else, self-medicating, anxiety, or depression that is debilitating. Along with process groups, patients attend a goals group, nursing group, and recreational therapy led by master-level clinicians, RN’s, and mental health technicians.

At Sunrise Vista, we offer a variety of mental health therapy programs which include evidenced-based therapy, medication management, coping skills, and discharge planning to help people succeed beyond our treatment to get back to leading a healthy life. We offer anxiety treatment and depression treatment, as well as nutrition and wellness counseling along with recreation therapy to help you calm the mind and energize the body to reach full health and wellness.

Interpersonal Process Groups

At Sunrise Vista, we rely heavily on cognitive-behavioral therapy and problem behavioral therapy groups. These groups are proven to help people communicate, express themselves appropriately, and resolve conflicts. It is common for people suffering from mental illness to cut themselves off from others resulting in loneliness and isolation. At Sunrise Vista, our clients take part in interpersonal process groups. These are group counseling teams that promote healing through group work involving psychodynamics and social skills. The group leader will note and process:

  • How each member is feeling and functioning in the group
  • How the members are interacting with each other
  • How the group is performing as a whole

During interpersonal group therapy, the content covered in each group session is the secondary concern. Instead, the leader looks to see how the group members behave and interact in the present and how their present state is being influenced by their past experiences. We focus on emotional development and unresolved trauma that, when left unresolved, can lead to poor decision-making, impulsivity, and unhealthy coping skills. By resolving these issues, the person can improve their judgment.

Treating Depression in an Inpatient Program

Persistent sadness, depressed mood, sleep issues, difficulty concentrating, diminished interest in previously enjoyed activities, and feelings of worthlessness are indicators of depression. While depression is a serious condition, it is treatable in the right environment. Antidepressants can help many people lead happier lives, but if a patient needs increasingly higher doses, this is an indication that something isn’t working.

Treating Anxiety in an Inpatient Program

Anxiety is the body’s natural response to stress, but people with anxiety disorders suffer from excessive, intense, persistent worrying that affects their quality of life. Many anxiety medications are addictive, but doctors often prescribe them before determining whether lifestyle changes alone might alleviate the symptoms. Some people are able to use anxiety medications as prescribed, but many people are not.

Adult Inpatient Psychiatric Care in Canton, OH

People struggle with mental health issues and addiction for many reasons. In some cases, people who were prescribed unstudied psychoactive drugs as children suffer the consequences as adults. Resentment, unhealed trauma, misplaced guilt, and lack of self-awareness often lead people to feel depressed and anxious.  Using unregulated drugs and alcohol to treat depression and anxiety might feel effective in the short term, it causes serious life consequences for many people. Treating addiction and mental health issues together through a dual diagnosis treatment program is the most effective way to make sure they don’t dominate your life.

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