woman seeking trauma informed careTrauma-Informed Care (TIC)

Trauma-informed care is a perspective that acknowledges the pervasive influence and impact of trauma on a person’s mind, body, and spirit. For adults, trauma is caused by the exposure to the threat of death, serious injury, or sexual molestation (at any point in their lives). Learning about trauma experienced by a loved one is also a form of trauma. Trauma can be caused by:

  • Direct exposure
  • Witnessing (in person)
  • Learning about an event affecting a close family member, friend, or loved one
  • Experiencing repeated or extreme aversive details of trauma

People who have undergone severe trauma are often reluctant to seek treatment because they don’t want to live in the past. Refusing to accept a victim mentality can allow people to lead productive lives, but unhealed trauma will manifest itself in other destructive ways. Repressing a traumatic memory locks it away in your psyche, where it will wreak havoc on your subconscious, personal relationships, and general wellbeing. Ignoring a traumatic event will result in other mental health issues and relationship problems. If you have considered attending trauma therapy in Canton, Ohio, Sunrise Vista may provide the relief you’ve been searching for. At Sunrise Vista, our team of clinicians has extensive experience helping people overcome trauma. Trauma-informed care can help people manage their emotions, improve relationships, and solve problems.

Mental Health Treatment Programs in Canton, OH

Sunrise Vista provides evaluation, consultation, and treatment services for adults and adolescents affected by trauma and other challenging life events, including mental illness, traumatic loss, community violence, natural disasters, and combat deployment. Our team of clinicians, psychiatrists, and therapists has years of experience helping families heal from trauma. We offer evidence-based care to individuals (and families) in need. For many people in Ohio, the process of healing from trauma begins at Sunrise Vista.

Healing from Trauma

Trying to forget trauma, compartmentalize it, or focus on others’ trauma (instead of your own) causes a host of psychological and interpersonal problems. As you probably already know, forgetting about a traumatic event in your past is not an effective way to deal with it; trauma therapy in Canton, OH, offers the tools people need to heal from trauma and gradually move through it. Healing from trauma doesn’t reverse the trauma or minimalize it; trauma-informed care helps people see how past trauma affects their present consciousness. It is possible to heal from the effects of a traumatic experience. Our therapists can help you heal from the effects of a particular trauma and develop strategies to cope with pain, depression, anxiety, and other conditions.

Mental Health Programs in Canton, OH

People develop an array of strategies to deal with trauma. Some of these strategies are helpful (e.g., exercise, being aware of surroundings, and protecting loved ones), and some strategies are detrimental (e.g., narcissism, drug abuse, and process addictions). People who have experienced severe trauma will often benefit from a variety of mental health programs. Binge drinking and drug use can help people experience a temporary rush of relief from the effects of a traumatic experience, but it’s easy to become dependent on that relief. Using a temporary solution to address a permanent problem is likely to result in addiction and mental illness.

In addition to trauma-informed care, we offer an array of mental health services, including:

If trauma is preventing you or a loved one from healing, there is no better time to address your struggles. Overcoming trauma can start today. Call our Canton, Ohio trauma-informed care center to begin your journey to recovery 844-942-3007.