Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) is a widely used evidence-based treatment style that operates on the idea that negative and positive behaviors are learned and reinforced over time. To change their actions, a participant must work to modify the thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that contribute to a decline in mental health. At Sunrise Vista, we help modify these damaging thoughts and beliefs with CBT-informed process groups. Through this process, clients examine the relationship between their thoughts and actions. Give Sunrise Vista a call today to learn more.

Support Groups

woman at a group therapy programAs the name suggests, the principal focus of a support group is to offer care and understanding to each member of the group. Ongoing support will come from the group leader and from individual members of the group. The leader will help group members improve their interpersonal skills as they engage in group discussions, share experiences, and help each other resolve their mental health concerns. These are some of the activities we facilitate in our CBT-informed groups:

  • Identifying detrimental thoughts and working to change them
  • Teaching and encouraging the use of new thinking and behavior patterns
  • Medication management

Our Canton, OH therapists demonstrate professional, nurturing communication. They model respectful interaction and provide positive reinforcement for members.

Interpersonal Process Groups

At Sunrise Vista, interpersonal process groups are group counseling teams that attempt to promote through group work involving psychodynamics and social skills. The group leader at our dual diagnosis treatment program will note and process:

  • How each member is feeling and functioning within the group
  • How the members interact with one another
  • Group energy as a whole
  • Individual concerns

We focus on emotional development and unresolved trauma that, when left unresolved, can lead to poor decision-making, guilt, and unhealthy coping skills. As clients begin to resolve these issues in a group setting, they are able to bring new approaches home with them.

In interpersonal group therapy, the content covered in each group session is secondary. Instead, the leader looks to see how the group members behave and interact in the present and how their past is influencing their present circumstances.

Although one-on-one sessions are a cornerstone of our treatment at Sunrise Vista, we rely heavily on CBT-influenced therapy groups. These groups are proven to help people communicate, express themselves appropriately, avoid unhealthy habits, and become part of a supportive mental health community.

The mental health programs we offer at Sunrise Vista address ongoing mental health issues that many older adults in Canton face. These issues can make people especially vulnerable to other health problems. A few of these issues include mobility issues, thoughts of suicide, unhealthy eating, self-sabotage, complacency, and opiate dependence.

Supportive Treatment

Powerful feelings of shame and guilt can deter individuals from seeking help for depression, even when their lives depend on it. It’s essential to work with mental health professionals. These professionals know how to get the client to be accountable without fault-finding or judgment. The old break-them-down-to-build-them-up approach will not work. This is because many older adults already feel broken when they decide to seek mental health treatment. In our group therapy programs, we focus on relationship-building, communication, and coping with trauma. We cannot overstate the importance of feeling like you belong. 

Counseling Services for Adults with Depression

Many options have been successful in treating thoughts of suicide, including:

Sunrise Vista offers a range of care with tailored treatment programs and follow-up options. Each of our treatment options includes medical, mental health, and wellness counseling. We also offer a supportive after-care community to help people stay active and involved in our close-knit community. If you are interested in learning more about our Cato, Ohio group therapy options for older adults, give us a call 844-942-3007.