Addiction is not something that affects only the user. The reality is that those addictions impact the user’s families, loved ones, and friends as well. No matter who the user is in contact with, they feel the effects. Often, addiction is something rooted deeply into a family’s history and current dynamic. When a substance abuser is ready for help, it is beneficial for them to incorporate a family therapy program into their treatment. Sunrise Vista is here to help provide you with the addiction treatment and therapies you need. 

The Definition of Family Therapy Programs

group at a family therapy programA family therapy program in Canton, OH is a safe space for all to learn more about adjusting to their loved one’s addiction recovery. These therapeutic settings include sessions that are designed to help families make positive changes to their home environment. These sessions are also critical for helping heal the family unit’s relationships. These healthy support systems provide a wealth of benefits during inpatient treatment and provide structure during an outpatient treatment program as you transition to a successful recovery.

Typically, these programs involve the substance abuser and at least one of their family members. This family member could be a parent, sibling, spouse, or any other person who has a close relationship with the substance abuser. Keeping the number of people down during these sessions prevents them from feeling like an intervention or overwhelming the individual in recovery.

How a Family Therapy Program Helps

For individuals who are in mental health programs, there is a broad range of benefits to adding a family therapy program to their treatment program. In Chapter one of a guide published by the Center for Substance Abuse Treatment, we learn that families play a pivotal role during substance abuse recovery. Family therapy programs help during recovery in the following ways:

  • During treatment, they help keep their loved one motivated and engaged
  • Families can voice their concerns and feelings, and ask questions regarding addiction
  • These programs help ease feelings of anger, confusion, fear, and stress associated with the addiction
  • After treatment, families know how to provide the level of support that their loved one needs
  • These programs give families the tools and resources they need to help their loved one stay the course
  • Family therapy helps improve communication skills within families
  • If there are any mental health issues within the family dynamic, including anxiety and depression, this therapy can address it

About Avoiding Codependency

It is not uncommon for codependency to occur in families where there is a substance abuser. When relationships are off-balance, that is when codependency occurs most often. That means one or more family member is attempting to take care of the substance abuser, hide their addictive behaviors from others, and make excuses for them.

When a substance abuser and their family members are codependent, that means these family members are enabling their addictive behaviors. As codependency continues, it can sap a family member’s emotional, financial, mental, and physical capabilities. That could result in the substance abuser becoming less independent, manipulate their families, and be dishonest if you do not seek help from a dual diagnosis treatment program.

Some signs of codependency include:

  • Feeling responsible for the substance abuser’s actions
  • Finding decision-making difficult
  • Having difficulty trusting yourself, as well as others
  • Starting to lie to others, as well as yourself, about the addiction
  • Taking on too many jobs, obligations, and other tasks
  • Not being able to tell people, “no”

Find a Family Therapy Program Today

Taking steps toward recovery is not something a substance abuser should do alone. Because families feel the effects of their addiction, everyone benefits from participating in a family therapy program. Now is the time to make these arrangements. Contact Sunrise Vista at 844-942-3007 to learn more about how a family therapy program can be beneficial and how we can help.