person seeking cognitive-behavioral therapyCognitive-Behavioral Therapy in Canton, Ohio

Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) is one of the most effective forms of psychotherapy available. At Sunrise Vista, we offer CBT on both an inpatient and outpatient basis for adults, adolescents, and elderly patients. Cognitive-behavioral therapy uses skill-based strategies to help people identify and change thought patterns and behaviors that amplify stress, trigger interpersonal conflicts, and impede personal growth. Our clinicians at Sunrise Vista have years of experience helping people reframe negative thinking patterns, allowing them to lead happier, more productive lives. This goal-oriented therapeutic approach helps people become aware of their thoughts and eventually responsibility for them. Cognitive-behavioral therapy can be enhanced by the array of mental health therapies we offer at Sunrise Vista.

Who Will Benefit from Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy?

Cognitive-behavioral therapy is especially helpful for highly-intelligent people with strong emotional reactions. Refusing to talk about your feelings doesn’t make you a nonemotional person; in most cases it’s the opposite. Our CBT program at Sunrise Vista helps individuals work through the following concepts:

  • Recognizing misconceptions
  • Viewing situations beyond “good vs. bad”
  • Addressing persistent negative thoughts and worries about the future
  • Recognizing involuntary negative thoughts
  • Setting and tracking goals based on individual needs
  • Role-playing based on past conflicts
  • Open and honest dialog
  • Anger-management tools
  • Journaling and reflection
  • Thinking about thinking

How Does Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) Work?

Cognitive-behavioral therapy works by helping a person change the way they view (what appears to be) a negative situation. Although this approach may sound simple, CBT takes time. Although no two journeys are identical, most people require at least a few months of therapy before they are able to change negative thought patterns. Cognitive-behavioral therapy can help change negative self-perceptions and interactions with others. While some types of cognitive-behavioral therapy involve small groups, at Sunrise Vista we rely on individual therapy sessions for CBT (our group sessions are less structured and more focused on the interactions between people). At Sunrise Vista, our Ohio CBT programs involve:

  • Building insight
  • Increasing motivation
  • Organization
  • Decision making
  • Cognitive restructuring

What types of Conditions Can CBT Help With?

Cognitive-behavioral therapy offers a set of techniques addressing thoughts, behaviors, and the connection between them. Altering negative perceptions (especially when they are encountered frequently) can have a positive effect on a person’s health, behavior, mood, and relationships. Cognitive-behavioral therapy (especially when combined with a dual diagnosis treatment program) can help individuals overcome many conditions, including:

  • Anxiety
  • Obsessive-Compulsive disorder
  • Substance abuse disorder
  • Hoarding
  • PTSD
  • Trauma and sexual abuse
  • Depression

Customized Treatment Programs Make a World of Difference

We take pride in creating unique treatment plans for each of our clients. We understand that overcoming anxiety, substance abuse, and other mental health issues works best when treatment programs are customized. We have the best CBT therapists in Canton, Ohio, and we look forward to helping you on your journey to recovery. Whether you have participated in support groups or are completely new to therapy, Sunrise Vista’s therapeutic CBT approach can help you get back in control of your life.

Cognitive-behavioral therapy will not change who you are as a person, but it can help you take a rational, healthy, positive approach to how you perceive yourself, the world around you, and the people you interact with. CBT can help you adjust your thoughts in order to act in a mindful and connected way. If you or a loved one could use assistance restructuring thoughts in order to affect positive change in your life, Sunrise Vista’s Ohio campus offers mental health programs for adults and teens. Give us a call today to speak with one of our clinicians at 844-942-3007