signs your teen needs mental health treatment

Signs Your Teen Needs Mental Health Treatment

When teens start getting older, they deal with all kinds of changes. They go through puberty, may change schools, start making new friends, and start taking on more responsibility in their everyday lives. While these are normal aspects of growing up, some teens may struggle more than others or develop a mental health condition and…

intensive outpatient program

Advantages of An Intensive Outpatient Program

Intensive outpatient programs are designed to help treat substance use disorders without requiring inpatient (residential) treatment. With intensive outpatient programs, clients usually come to the facility for several hours a day most days of the week.  Intensive outpatient treatment is not residential, but it does meet regularly. An intensive program may meet for 40 hours a…

dual diagnosis treatment center

Qualities You Need in a Dual Diagnosis Treatment Center

Many qualities make a dual diagnosis treatment center a great place to seek treatment for mental health conditions and substance use disorder. Dual diagnosis treatment centers focus on treating mental health conditions as well as substance use disorder. These often occur simultaneously, so treating just the substance use disorder or mental health condition is not…

choosing the right adult inpatient psychiatric treatment center

How to Look for an Adult Psychiatric Program

Adults who need psychiatric care need to find an appropriate psychiatric treatment center to take care of their needs. There are many kinds of mental health programs with different styles that allow patients to grow and change over time. Treatment methods vary based on the specific psychiatric needs of the client. What Kinds of Adult…

inpatient mental health treatment

What Types of Trauma Require an Inpatient Mental Health Treatment Center?

Traumatic events often result in emotions such as shock or helplessness. Traumatized individuals may find it difficult to process the experience and may choose to compartmentalize the event. How a person responds to an event that is physically or emotionally threatening can have long-term consequences for their physical and mental health. That’s why it is…

PHP for mental health

Benefits of a Partial Hospitalization Program for Mental Health

Partial hospitalization programs (PHP) are designed for clients who need more support to transition into daily life. As clients integrate back into existing communities, they may experience feelings of depression, anxiety, and isolation. While these feelings are normal, they can result in a return to negative behaviors. Ensuring that individuals have access to the support…

adolescent inpatient mental health treatment

Does Your Child Need Adolescent Inpatient Mental Health Treatment? 

Millions of American adolescents are afflicted by mental health issues. As the number of teens requiring inpatient behavioral health treatment in Ohio rises, the main question that abounds is whether such programs are suitable for your adolescent child. Facilities that provide inpatient mental health treatment to teens support the young ones and their family members…

adult inpatient psychiatric program

Where To Find an Adult Inpatient Psychiatric Program in Ohio

Being an adult comes with its challenges. When coming into adulthood, there is no manual to help cope with some of the challenges life throws at you. There are centers in Ohio offering adult inpatient psychiatric programs to help you with some common mental health conditions in adulthood.  The programs are suitable for patients over 18 years…

schizophrenia treatment program in ohio

Signs You Need a Schizophrenia Treatment Program

Schizophrenia is a controllable brain disorder. There are several speculations about its causes. The control measures work more in your favor when you seek treatment when you experience the first symptoms. If you are keen enough, you can quickly identify in yourself all the common signs that most people have schizophrenia. As you proceed to…