An intensive outpatient program (IOP) serves as a stepping stone from an inpatient or partial hospitalization program. Patients in our mental health IOP attend treatment five days per week with approximately three sessions per day. Sessions include daily process groups, cognitive-behavioral therapy, and relapse prevention. If you are interested in seeking treatment for mental health concerns, our daytime IOP offers structured programs during the day and allows patients to return to their homes in the evenings.  Our intensive outpatient program meets 3 days per week, from 9 am to 12 pm. To learn more about outpatient mental health treatment options, contact Sunrise Vista by calling 844-942-3007.

Is a Mental Health IOP Right for Me?

Many people cannot take weeks off from work or school to attend treatment for mental health concerns. Family commitments can also deter people from entering a residential mental health program. If you are struggling with mental health issues or substance abuse disorder, an outpatient program can help you turn the corner in your recovery. Sunrise Vista’s new outpatient treatment center provides treatment for mental health disorders, including:

At Sunrise Vista, you will receive the same therapy and program options as our inpatient clients while maintaining prior employment and school commitments. During an IOP, clients live in their own homes.

Your Support Network Matters

Patients in our intensive outpatient program (IOP) should already have a good support network available. Maybe your family and friends already support your recovery. Perhaps you’re recovering after a brief relapse. An IOP can help you get back on your feet. In this setting, you will have more opportunities to connect with people outside of our campus. Your network, prior demonstration of commitment, and personal circumstances will determine whether an IOP is likely to work for you. 

One of our treatment program foundations is developing new routines, spending time with new people, and gaining different experiences. The outpatient program we offer at Sunrise Vista is a convenient and less intrusive way to start (or continue) treatment for a mental health condition. If you have the resources to commit to inpatient treatment, this is our most successful treatment option. Still, outpatient treatment is an excellent choice for parents and people who are employed full-time or have family commitments.

Our Mental Wellness Community

intensive outpatient program ohioIntensive outpatient programs provide flexibility for people with family and work commitments. At Sunrise Vista, we are happy to help you decide which program best fits your requirements and design an individualized treatment plan. Each level of care at Sunrise Vista includes an array of therapy options, services, and support. If depression, anxiety, or substance use are getting in the way of your relationships, career, and self-esteem, we highly recommend our intensive outpatient program. 

Patients recovering in our intensive outpatient program can fulfill their family and employment obligations while maintaining privacy. Our goal is to help people become stable and avoid re-hospitalization as often as possible. IOP patients can be open about their recovery or be selective about sharing information. 

We can help. Essential components of an intensive outpatient program (IOP) at Sunrise Vista include:

  • Psychiatrists and nurse practitioners
  • Group therapy and life skills development
  • Adolescent mental health support
  • Adult mental health support
  • Stress management
  • Mindfulness and cognitive-behavioral therapy
  • Recreational therapy
  • Trauma-informed care
  • Aftercare planning for continued recovery
  • Support groups (including 12-step groups)

What Is Inpatient Treatment?

Inpatient care is an intensive treatment program intended for individuals who are struggling with acute mental health and addictive disorders. Inpatient care focuses on crisis stabilization and offers structured strategies for avoiding future crises. This tends to be the first step in your treatment plan, and professionals will work with you to determine your needs so that you can work together to find the right coping mechanisms for you. If you or your loved one is exhibiting signs that indicate residential mental health treatment may be needed, reach out to learn more about an individualized care plan.

Treatment for Bipolar Disorder

Counseling is extremely important for people of any age who are suffering from bipolar disorder. The mental health therapy programs in OH from Sunrise Vista include a one-on-one session with professionals trained in addressing a variety of mental health concerns. This will give you or your loved one a safe and supportive space to discuss previous trauma, cope with stress, deal with emotional pain, and live with gratitude.

Our reliable staff members are also dedicated to helping patients address underlying mental health concerns and help you identify the thought patterns that are holding you back.

If you are tired of letting mental illness control your existence, addressing these issues in a safe, supportive setting is the first step to a better life. If an intensive outpatient program sounds like the right choice for you or someone you love, give us a call at 844-942-3007 today.